2021 AGM


Where: Online, virtual meeting with mandatory pre-registration per eligible voter (any parent, legal guardian, coach, referee or volunteer 18 and older)

When:  April 28, 2021 at 6:30 pm

AGM Meeting Registration:

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Seeking Professionals in the Prince George Community looking for volunteer opportunities.

  • PGMHA is seeking nominations for our Board of Directors.
  • For the 2021-2022 season there are five (5), 2-year positions available.
  • PGMHA welcomes professionals.
  • The Board meets approximately twice a month however commitment fluctuates as the hockey season demands.
  • This requires dedication and commitment and is very rewarding.
  • If you are passionate about sport and effecting positive change, this is a great opportunity to get involved.
  • Please review the PGMHA Organizational Chart 2021-2022 for more information to see if your professional experience fits our needs.
  • If you'd like to learn more, please contact Glynis Vennberg, President via email president@pgmha.com

Nomination Timeline & Process

  • Nominations are open until April 23, 2021 at 6:30 pm and will only be accepted as follows:
  • Option A)
    • Nominate yourself
    • Include your biography to be posted publicly
    • email nominations@pgmha.com
  • Option B)
    • Nominate another person
    • The person being nominated will need to be contacted and formally accept this nomination
    • The person being nominated will need to provide a biography to be posted publicly
    • email nominations@pgmha.com
  • nominations@pgmha.com will be the only email that will accept your nomination and this is monitored by the Nomination Committee


On the Election Ballot:

  • Glynis Vennberg
  • Deanna McLeod
  • Arlene Nohr
  • Darren Woroshelo
  • Jennifer Begg
  • Jon Flannery
  • Matt Planetta

Glynis Vennberg

My name is Glynis Vennberg, current President of PGMHA. I have sat on the board of directors for the past 6 seasons of hockey. There have been many great advances and changes within PGMHA and it's structure over the past few years. As an organization we have made great strides in developing a strategic plan, but I feel there is much more work to be done. As such I am letting my name stand for re-election for this upcoming season. I am excited to finish the job we have started and look forward to connecting with the membership this season.

Glynis Vennberg

Deanna McLeod

Deanna McLeod is a current member of PGMHA's Board of Directors for PGMHA and has been since December 2018 first being appointed, then elected. Prior to that she was an active parent with her kid's teams since 2009 when they first started playing hockey. As a Director, she has played a role in modernizing our administrative processes including the onboarding of TeamSnap, electronic payments and our current website. She is excited about PGMHA's current direction under our Director of Hockey Operations, Steve O'Rourke. Continual improvement with the outcome of better hockey for everyone is what keeps her coming back. Her background in technology and being a mother of 4 kids who have played hockey with PGMHA since 2009 give her a skill set that can be implemented to effect positive change.

Arlene Nohr

As I have put forward my name for nomination, here is a little information about myself.
I am currently employed as a district youth care worker for School District 57. I specialize in compassionate and trauma based practices, bringing resources and information to schools in these two capacities. I also spend a great deal of my time working with those kids that struggle with behavior in the district.
Before moving into the school district, I was a correctional officer at the Prince George Youth Custody Centre for 17 years. Near the end of my career there, I worked directly with youth on probation within the community. It was an eye opening experience.

Both of my children play or played rep hockey. My oldest son has now aged out of youth sports and has chosen not to pursue junior hockey. PGMHA had done a good job of preparing him for those opportunities in spite of his decision not to move forward.
My daughter is currently a second year bantam player and her experience has been different. The number of girls playing hockey, diverse coaching and opportunities to develop, has been lacking in comparison to the opportunities provided to the boys. This is what has brought me to my decision to be part of minor hockey on a different level and my interest in the board.

As a parent, I chaired and organized 5-6 tournaments between the two teams. All were relatively successful raising an average of about $3-5000 from the raffle table alone

Hockey has been a huge part of the lives of my family, and a played a major part in the confidence, character, and friendships my children have developed as they have grown. I would like to continue to be a part of this sport for these and a multiple of other reasons.

Thanks for your consideration,
Arlene Nohr

Darren Woroshelo

Please accept this as official notice of my intent to let my name stand for the PGMHA Board of Directors for the 2021/22 season.


Darren Woroshelo

Jennifer Begg

I would like to submit my name for consideration for the PGMHA Board of Directors. I have had 3 children play hockey with PGMHA, our son finished in 2014 and I have two daughters currently playing. I have held volunteer positions including Team Manager and HSCP for the last 3 year and most recently joined the Female Hockey Committee. I am passionate about the value of sport for the health and well being of young people. I have a particular interest in growing female participation in the sport and fostering an environment of equity and inclusion. I have spent the entirety of my career in healthcare dedicated to improving the health and wellness of children and youth, first through direct service and now through health service planning and the development of policy, education and quality improvement. I participate in multiple local, regional, provincial and national committees so am well versed in meeting etiquette and have extensive experience with strategic planning and policy development that I expect would be an asset to the board. Thank you for your consideration.

Warm regards,

Jennifer Begg

Jon Flannery

My name is Jon Flannery. I have been involved with PGMHA for the past 6 seasons. Primarily I have held coaching roles on one of the teams that my 2 daughters play on. This year I held an appointed position to the Board of Directors, a volunteer role as the Female Hockey Coordinator and I was also the non parent coach of a U11/13 female team.
This past year offered its challenges but overall we are headed in the right direction for Female hockey. We have implemented a Female committee of volunteers from across the association. We are actively working on promoting the sport for growth with the the help of Esso Fun Days and a promotional video for Social media. More importantly we have developed a model and strategy for female hockey that will
provide clarity to the membership.
I am passionate about what the sport of hockey offers our youth and would like to put my name forward to help solidify the direction that our association is going. Thank you for your consideration.
Jon Flannery

Matt Planetta

I have been a Coach and Volunteer with PGMHA for the past 11 seasons, having also served on the Board for 3 years from 2018 through 2020. In my time with PGMHA I have coached both Male and Female teams from U7 to U18, have been apart various programs on and off ice to help grow the game, such as our Learn to Skate, both Female and Male Development ice times, BC Hockey Jamborees and Esso Fun Days. In my previous time on the Board, I helped implement many of the changes identified from the BC Hockey Observation Project as we tried to modernize and improve the processes that make the Association function. I feel like we have come along way in a short amount of time but there is still room to grow and improve as an Association. To ensure that all of our young players both Female and Male are having the best experience possible, while they learn to be part of team, to be a good teammate and to love the game at every level of play, so they are still playing the game and still having fun as adults with the friends they’ve made along the way. After taking a year away from the Board I am seeking to return to help continue to grow our Association with the goal of being the best Minor Hockey Association in BC.

Thank you for your consideration.


  • Rob Connelly
  • Tarra Latkowski
  • Aaron Flett
  • Tyler Garden